Custom Iron Work Santa Barbara

Custom iron work in Santa Barbara creates the perfect gates and artwork for your home or properties. Wrought iron offers a great and luxurious accent to any property. ArtMex Artistic Iron, Inc. produces quality work that you can use in any area.

Quality Wrought Iron Fences and Gates

Wrought iron is a step beyond wood and much nicer than metal wire. These fences give your property an upscale look without a significant increase in price.

Whether you are looking for a modern design or something prestigious, ArtMex ironworks can bring your vision to life. We can put together a complete garden or offer sturdy handrails for your patrons and tenants.

Bring your Property to Life

Iron is shapeable. There is no need to stick with rectangles or cylinders. Bring your vision to life without sacrificing quality.

Wrought iron garden awnings and flower-like shapes add a sense of elegance to any establishment. These products work well in many areas.

Are decorative fences fragile?

Wrought iron might appear fragile and can be delicate if using a cheap manufacturer, particularly from abroad but is Saturday and durable. Decorative iron can withstand the weight of most humans and commercial products are easily able to work in handicap and other spaces.

If you are worried about rust and weathering, paint your fences, windows, and gates frequently. This way, they will not wear as quickly. The average iron window and fence lasts 60 years or more when maintained properly.

Wrought Iron for Handicap Ramps

Iron is a nice step up from other metals. Placing thick iron rails on ramps and in other required areas creates peace of mind.

There is nothing more welcoming than the sturdy feel of metal. Don’t just comply with standards but let your handicap ramps build your image as a building or service that cares. Hard metal is always preferred over flimsy wood or other material.

Iron for Stairwells

Much like ramps and other accessible areas, iron stairwells are sturdy and decedent. Design with your clients in mind using custom iron work.

These railings are not just elegant but cost-effective. They are sturdy and last longer than many other types of material. Avoid remodeling your property every ten years by using a material that lasts.

Commercial Wrought Iron Fences and Gates

You need a partner who can produce high quality wrought iron gate and railings that exude quality and entice customers. Poor manufacturing and design only create a hazard and increase cost as your work falls apart.

An experienced manufacturer such as ArtMex offers you a portfolio of proof and peace of mind. Our commercial iron works builds from scratch to your specifications.

Experienced custom iron works in Santa Barbara

Find the right partner for custom iron work in Santa Barbara. ArtMex has a proven track record of working with businesses, landlords, developers, and residences to create high quality artwork.

Get in touch with us today or visit our website and browse through our offerings.

Custom Iron Work Santa Barbara

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