Commercial Ironworks Calabasas

Give your customers something they will enjoy with iron railings, awnings, window siding, and fencing. A commercial ironworks in Calabasas is the perfect way to create an elegant property without adding significant cost.

Why should I use iron?

There are many reasons to consider iron over other types of materials. Iron artwork shines. There is no need to settle for wood and epoxy.


  • Can be modern or offer your property an old-world shine
  • Is shapeable
  • Is sturdy
  • Lasts longer than other materials

Choosing iron for your next project returns value. Save money on maintenance and make your fencing, windows, or other projects stand out.

Custom iron designs

Iron works can shape your next project to match an almost unparalleled vision. While you may think of metal as rigid and unchangeable, this is not the case. Wrought iron fences bring to mind intricate flower-like designs that last centuries.

ArtMex can shape your metal to almost any form. Our experts can help you design and implement a truly unique fence, window, or other component for your next construction project.

Iron Work in the Garden

To highlight the capability of iron, consider your garden. Think of the wood structures adorned with plants and protecting plants from people and animals alike. These tend to rot as they are worn by plants, water, and sunlight.

From gates and fences to awnings, these structures can be replaced with iron. Avoid maintenance costs and create an intricate design that is sure to draw attention. Make people want to visit or live at your property.

Iron Ramps and Stairwells

Metal is also a common choice for stairwells and ramps. Many people need a sturdy railing to lean on. Ironwork lets you provide something that looks great while offering superior support.

ArtMex projects help liven handicap spaces and stairwells alike. Our customers enjoy the low-maintenance material and customers feel the difference.

Materials that are Easy to Clean

Iron is not just pleasant to look at and lasts decades, it is easy to clean. Porous material such as wood allows germs to infest railings, fences, and gates. Plastic and rubber have the same issue.

Iron is less porous. There is less space for germs to enter and become stuck. A daily wipe down with the right cleaning product can eliminate nearly all germs.

Is iron less expensive?

Iron lasts. While you may not immediately notice a reduced cost, these products last longer than their counterparts. In fact, the ability to outlast wood and other forms of metal makes them cheaper in the long run.

The average iron fence lasts for more than 60 years when well-maintained. Paint your fence to avoid rust and early weathering.

Commercial Ironworks in Calabasas

There is no need to settle for wood in Calabasas. Partner with an experienced commercial Ironworks in Calabasas for the best fencing, windows, awnings, gates, railings, and other structures.

Get in touch with our experts to learn how we can help you realize your vision.

Commercial Ironworks Calabasas

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