Custom Wrought Iron Designs & Installation

Located in Oxnard, CA, ArtMex Artistic Iron Inc. provides and installs custom-designed and handmade wrought iron fences, gates, railings, balconies, and more throughout Southern California. We put a premium on craftsmanship and unique design, improving the security and style of our clients’ properties. More importantly, our wrought iron products are crafted with beauty and quality to last a lifetime. Our commitment to quality, craftmanship, artistry, and customer service is why we have become one of the most trusted custom wrought iron makers in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California.

Adding Elegance and Security with Custom
Handcrafted Wrought Iron Products

Since the late ‘90s, ArtMex Artistic Iron Inc. has been providing commercial and residential properties in Southern California with custom handcrafted wrought iron designs of fences, gates, balconies, railings, and other products.

We are a family-owned and operated company that takes pride in our heritage and craftsmanship. We work with wrought iron, which can be molded into almost any design. Our team banks on over two decades of experience to create high-quality designs that suit our clients’ specific needs.

Whether you want to remodel your home exterior or add a unique flair to your office interiors, our custom handcrafted wrought iron products will add an elegant touch to your property. Our fences, gates, and railings not only provide a unique style to your property, they will enhance the security and safety of your home or property.

With over 20 years of experience, we have made a name for ourselves as one of the most reliable wrought iron manufacturers in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties. Our wrought iron designs in Beverly Hills homes blend well with the elegant look of gated communities. We’ve impressed residents and visitors alike; now’s the time to give your home the same result.

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Gates & Fences

We offer quality custom wrought iron gates and fences in Oxnard, CA and surrounding areas throughout Southern California, helping commercial and residential property owners take the style and security of their properties to the next level.

Balconies & Railing

Our custom handcrafted railings and balconies add a distinct, elegant touch to any property, whether it’s a colonial house, contemporary home, or an industrial-style office.​

Doors & Windows

ArtMex custom doors and windows are an elegant finishing touch to any design. Let our artisans help you come up with a unique wrought iron design for your home or building.

Lighting & Decorative Pieces

ArtMex custom porch lights, sconces, and decorative pieces will add a unique flair to your property. Show us your desired designs for your custom wrought iron pieces to get started.​

Commercial Iron Works

We work with Builders, Contractors, Developers, Architects, and Designers to design, create, and install elegant and stylish wrought iron products for a variety of Commercial Properties throughout Southern California.


We bring out the beauty of wrought iron designs through custom wrought iron gates, fences, and railings in homes in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California. View our gallery today.


Add A Unique Flair To Your Property With Custom Handcrafted Wrought Iron Products. Contact Us Today For A Free Quote.

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