Custom Decorative Iron Work Malibu

Custom Decorative Iron Work in Malibu

If you need functional yet aesthetically pleasing furniture and fixtures that would last a lifetime, you won’t do much wrong by trusting expert wrought iron workers in Malibu, CA with the job. Admittedly, iron gates in Malibu have been around for a long time. But other decorative pieces and lighting fixtures are gradually gaining more popularity. The seasoned craftsmen at Artmex Artistic Iron Inc have been at the heart of custom decorative Iron work in Malibu for many decades, and they are ready to wow you with their amazing pieces.

What You Need to Know About Artmex’s Lighting And Decorative Pieces

Although iron and decorative do not sound like a match made in heaven, the right craftsmanship and techniques could turn ordinarily boring wrought iron into a marvel to behold. Our lighting and decorative pieces are a testament to this fact. The gorgeous selection of lighting options comprises unique chandeliers, table lamps, Island lighting sconces, floor lamps, and many more.

All the pieces are hand-crafted with the finest sustainably sourced wrought iron. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be using them outdoors or indoors, our lighting fixtures promise a comforting glow with the added advantage of safety and security in all environments. They are suitable for modern and vintage settings alike and they promise to perfectly accent your interior or exterior décor.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Our Lighting Fixtures?

Like other Malibu iron works, durability is the major benefit of investing in iron scones and chandeliers. Wrought iron is one of the toughest materials on earth and when properly treated, it can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. People that invest in our custom decorative iron work in Malibu can rest assured they’ll be using the pieces for as long as they want. Below are some other advantages of iron lighting and decorative pieces:

Style and elegance: Iron lighting pieces are stylish and elegant. They add a unique artistic flair to your indoor or outdoor space while also performing their primary function of illumination. Furthermore, they blend with a variety of home décor including traditional and contemporary décor

Ideal for candle sconces: Iron, by nature, is inflammable. This makes iron lighting pieces ideal for outdoor and indoor candle wall sconces. The iron sconce also keeps the candle away from flammable materials and it may protect the candle from the wind.

Artmex Is Your Go-To Company for Custom Decorative Iron Work in MalibU

Artmex Artisitc Iron Inc. is a family-owned company in Malibu and they are specialists at creating magic out of wrought iron. From fences to balcony and railings to door and windows to lighting and decorative pieces to Iron railings in Malibu, you can always trust Artmex’s expert craftsmen to light up your indoor or outdoor space. If you’re interested in any of our custom decorative iron works, contact us on 805-330-6502 for a free consultation.

Custom Decorative Iron Work Malibu

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