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The options for the best home security gates in Beverly Hills include iron and wood gates because the materials are sturdy. When searching for the best fences and gates in Beverly Hill, CA, you should turn to our team at Art Mex Artistic Iron Inc. for great rates on all varieties of security gates. Beverly Hills, CA, home security gates protect your privacy, your family, and your valuable assets without diminishing the exterior aesthetics of your home.

Five Popular Materials for Residential Security Gates in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills custom gates can allow your home to shine brilliantly while also securing your property. Preventing burglaries and stopping trespassers begins with putting up a quality gate that is made of sturdy materials. As the most recommended gate installation in Beverly Hills, our staff at Art Mex Artistic Iron Inc. can help you explore your options.

  1. Glass Gates – Glass gates are beautiful additions to any style home, but they are expensive. Glass gates might not seem practical because glass breaks easily. However, the glass used for security gates is much more durable than the traditional glass used for windows. Glass railings are becoming widely popular on upper decks, apartments, and outdoor bars.
  2. Wrought Iron – Iron gates have a classic and traditional aesthetic you can’t beat. Iron security gates are not only effective at keeping people out, but they are great for containing small children in a yard. Iron railings and gates are known for durability and security, but they are not inexpensive. Compared to other security gate material options, iron is on the more expensive side of the scale.
  3. Wood Gates and Fences – Wood is the perfect material for all types of fences, including residential security fences. Wood can be used to create a higher level of privacy that wrought iron fences cannot offer. Iron fences are traditionally made with bars that are placed far apart in their distance. When wood planks are used for a fence or gate, they block anyone from seeing inside of the fence. Wood fences and gates are more affordable than the other previously mentioned options, but they do require more upkeep.
  4. Stainless Steel Gates – Stainless steel gates are timeless classics that should not be overlooked. Stainless steel provides a clean and advanced aesthetic that can promote futuristic thinking. The longevity of stainless steel makes it an appealing material to use as a security gate or fence.
  5. Aluminum Gates – Gates made with aluminum can quickly be installed without a huge mess. Plus, aluminum gates are affordable without compromising the level of security being offered. These gates match well with all types of home exteriors, decks, and patios.

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If you are interested in receiving a free quote for our services at Art Mex Artistic Iron Inc., you should get in touch with us by dialing 805-330-6502. Our customer service team can review your security options that match your budget and requirements. Please, address all questions to our support staff at Art Mex Artistic Iron Inc.

Home Security Gates Beverly Hills

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