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Why You Need to Install Gate Access Control in Your Property

Security is always the top priority in managing a household or property. Sometimes locking your main door won’t give you enough security your family or company needs. A study by the FBI shows that a burglary happens once every 26 seconds in America—that means about two burglaries are happening every minute. 

Many property owners are beginning to take security seriously by installing top-of-the-line security systems to protect their premises. A common security system that is being widely utilized is a security camera because it is quite accessible. Another option to add to your home security needs is gate access control. Property owners are now installing custom wrought iron with gate access control to their homes. That allows your property to still look stylish but have maximum security.

Having gate access control gives you power over who can enter your property. A sturdy gate will secure you, and only those you allow access can enter. You can grant access by swiping an authorized card or pushing a button from inside of your property.

Here are a few reasons you should install gate access control in your property:

You have full control over your security

Installing gate access control to your gate basically means you are putting up an electronic-locked gate that is connected to a server, which you can control through a key card, an access pin, or even a button from inside the premises.

A gate that does not have this type of security will allow anyone to enter your premises by simply opening your gate manually. If you install gate access control, you will be able to grant entry to only those who have your authorization. 

It’s extremely reliable

Since gates with access control automatically open and close, it is natural to worry about your safety or if anyone might get hurt. To make sure you’re safe, you need to install safety sensors and other tools to detect objects, along with installing this type of security to your wrought iron gate. When the gate senses that there is an obstruction in its path, it will automatically reverse and open again.

Another great feature of having gate access installed in your property is that it is highly reliable. It is connected to the main power source and shares the same energy your property uses. You won’t have to worry about purchasing a separate power source for this security system. Should there be power disruptions, most security gate systems come with a back-up power source so you wouldn’t have to worry about being locked in or out of your property.

Technology allows us to advance a lot of parts in our lives and one of them is security. As mentioned earlier, authorized people with a card, a pin code, or button access are allowed to enter the premises. However, if you have enough budget, some security systems connect video cameras and even fingerprint scanners for added security. 

Your gate will still match your lifestyle

You might be thinking that the overall look of your property might be compromised when you add security features. That is something you really shouldn’t be worried about. There are gate designers in the market who also include installing home security to your homes. With their expertise, they’ll make sure your custom wrought iron gate will still look up to date and stylish even if they have installed top-notch home security within it.


It is important to prioritize the security of your home and property. Statistics on break-ins and crime may increase, and it’s always better to be ready for that wave by installing home security like this one. Investing in next-level security tools has great benefits in the long run.

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