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A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Automated Door System

Although they were restricted to the rich and famous in the past, automated doors have become more accessible in recent years thanks to the abundance of agreeable options.

While it may be a far cry from the exclusivity that would merit a decades-long waiting period that it used to have, this nifty cosmetic and functional upgrade is as definitive and head-turning as it used to be. If you’ve been meaning to give you home a much-needed upgrade, you may have considered installing this upgrade at one point or another because of how truly impactful it is!

With the boosted security it provides, the amount of comfort it brings, and the efficiency it possesses, this fitting is a clear-cut option for any homeowner who is looking to invest in a solution unlike any other. As straightforward as the need and advantage of getting an automated door system may be, there’s one aspect that isn’t as direct or easy to understand: The task of choosing an electric gate motor.

Getting to know all the parts in the equation

Before we go on about what you need to consider or deal with when choosing the perfect electric gate motor for your door automation system, it’s vital to know what mechanisms are available. To best understand why it’s vital to choose wisely and how it can affect the overall experience you have when automating your humble abode’s gates, here’s a quick guide to all the common alternatives: 

Linear gear systems: Mostly concerned with handling the opening and closing speed, the linear gear helps ensure that everything runs smoothly without premature breakages or slight damages. In terms of function, this motor relies on two helical gears that are aligned according to relation, resulting in a set motion that gets transmitted faster, albeit a slower motor speed!

Speed reducers: As opposed to other options, speed reducers follow a much simpler operation flow because of how streamlined its components are. By using an input shaft that functions as an auger, which conversely moves or contacts a toothed crown, this system offers a user-friendly approach and experience every time it’s used!

Planetary gearboxes: Although they may not be as fundamentally-driven or simple as the two other options on this list, planetary gearboxes offer a far smoother and appealing experience when it comes to automated doors. By using a system wherein a set of multiple gears revolves around a center gear and internal crown, an automated opening is far smoother and appealing to watch by homeowners and visitors alike!

Where do these systems go?

Generally, automated doors can be enjoyed in any use or application as long as the right system, design, and professionals—such as ArtMex Inc—are brought into the equation. Here are some of the most common applications of this cutting-edge hospitality upgrade:

    • Hinged doors for a driveway or main entrance
    • Sliding doors for patios, backyards, or porches
    • Garage doors for smoother in-and-out procedures




Similar to finding the right iron wrought door, or choosing the perfect house to work with, picking the right automated door system for your home is a detailed task that calls for proper research. This is especially needed when it comes to picking out the right system. With this guide’s help, you can easily avoid the potential difficulties of the task and make sure that you get the best experience and value for your money possible!

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