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Wrought Iron Fencing – 4 Facts You Need To Know

Wrought iron fences and gates can add instant style to your home, keep you and your family safe and secure, and boost the curb appeal of your house or place of business.

Long ago, these gates and fences were originally used by noble people to show off their wealth. At present, they function mainly as a barrier between your home and the potentially dangerous elements outside. Not only do they add a valuable layer of protection, but wrought iron fences and gates also act as functional accent pieces that beautify your property.

If you are considering installing this type of fence or gate in your home or commercial building, it is best to learn more about them before the installation to help you make an informed decision on whether to go for this durable metal or consider other options.

Here are some facts you need to be aware of about fences and gates made of wrought iron:

1. They are more affordable than you think

During medieval times, wrought iron was made only by hand, which made the material truly expensive. Only the nobles could afford it as a material to create artistic fences and gates. However, at present, wrought iron or solid steel fences are typically made of tubular steel or aluminum. They are also now mass-produced. Thus, metal gates and fences are more affordable and prove to be a worthwhile investment, considering their quality and durability.

2. They are rust-resistant

Contrary to popular belief that decorative wrought iron gates and fences always develop rust, modern wrought iron today is the complete opposite. Fences and gates are typically made of aluminum or galvanized steel and are treated with a powder coating, making them rust resistant.

In case the powder coating or the surface of modern wrought iron gets scratched and develops rust, you can easily fix it using sandpaper, putty, or waterproof paint.

3. They come in various designs

While traditional wrought iron gates and fences commonly have ornate details, you can now freely choose a design according to your preferences. Recent ones come in a diverse range of styles and colors. Regardless of whether you like your fences or gates to display minimalist sophistication or vibrant hues, you can freely create your ideal look for the facade of your property with various wrought iron fence designs.

4. They give you a sense of security and privacy

Gates and fences were used as a symbol of wealth and power. But now, they serve a greater purpose: to provide security and privacy to homeowners. These fencing and gates are made of sturdy metal, plus their pointed parts can help keep out intruders and nosy neighbors, helping you keep your home well-secured.


Wrought iron is an old material used to make fences and gates. It is widely utilized, even during medieval times. Its functionality, durability, and beauty continue to persist until now, making it one of the best materials for creating beautiful and sturdy gates and fences.

The best thing about wrought iron gates and fences is that you can enjoy their benefits without breaking the bank. They resist rust and can last for a long time, so you are guaranteed that they are worth your money. Furthermore, they come in different designs and colors that add beauty to your property. And lastly, they make you feel protected and secure.

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