Everything You Need To Know About Iron Fences

Metal fencing—whether chain-link, ornamental, or wire—requires little maintenance and lasts a long time. Most homeowners choose iron (for instance, wrought iron fences and gates) because of their durability, strength, and cost-effectiveness. They’re primarily made from rails and posts, along with an assortment of fasteners and other hardware that connect them.

To aid you with the decision-making process of purchasing iron fences, here is a simple guide that will go over the different types and the benefits of installing one on your property:

 3 Basic Types of Iron Fences

  • Chain Link: This component includes the rail end and brace band, which loops around the top post and connects the top rails.
  • Ornamental Metal Fences: Ornamental fences are more costly than their chain-link counterparts, as they have to be prefabricated. They are welded section by section, making the final fence easier to install.
  • Wire: Wire fences are usually used for stock or garden fencing, as they can be stapled easily to wood frames. They are lightweight and inexpensive, making them appealing alternatives to chain link.

 The Benefits of Choosing Iron Fences

1 – Keeps people away from your property

Iron fences are more than just the end goal of having artistic fences and gates—they serve as an additional protective component. While this barrier cannot be regarded as insurmountable, it will be able to fulfill its purpose of keeping unwanted people from your property. Fences will also protect your lawn from accidental damage resulting from children, passersby, and even animals.

2 – Serves as a boundary for your children and pets

Accidents happen one way or another, but a fence can help reduce the chances of one happening. While iron fences keep your property safe, they also help you protect your children from running into the streets or your pets from wandering and getting lost. Having one installed in your property can be lifesaving!

3 – Adds an interesting element to your home’s overall facade

The use of wrought iron fences can be both functional and beautiful. They are designed with a classic look at blends well with any home and landscaping design, which adds an elegant touch to your home. Your choice of iron fencing still depends on your needs and budget, of course—ornamental metal fences and wiring can still serve their purpose.

4 – Provides a lattice home for various plants

If you are a plant lover, iron fences can be the ideal lattices for your plants to grow on. Other fences, such as wood, do not have any openings in between. Through iron fences, stems and vines will be able to crawl up and later bloom, making them even more attractive. You can also grow the following plants on iron fences:

  • Morning glories
  • American wisterias
  • Beans and peas
  • Cucumbers and tomatoes
  • Climbing hydrangeas
  • Trumpet honeysuckles

5 – Becomes a valuable addition to your property

 On average, a fence increases your home’s value by half the overall cost of the fence. This includes material and installation costs. If you find yourself changing plans and selling your property in the future, your choice of fencing can help you sell the house for more!


Iron fences are the top choice for many homeowners, particularly because they are durable and long-lasting. Although composed of many different types, their purpose and benefits remain the same—to keep your home and loved ones safe, as well as keep your home updated and valuable. As you weigh your options, keep this little guide in mind!

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