Should You Get Iron Fences For Your Dog?

Your dog escaping from the haven of your home is one of the biggest fears of fur parents. Worse, some ill-intentioned people might try to break into your house to steal and hurt your dog in the process.

Fences help you keep your four-legged friends within the vicinity of your compound while adding extra security against thieves. It gives dog owners peace of mind and ensures your dog will not run off to the streets and get hit by speeding a vehicle. For dogs, it gives them more freedom to explore around your backyard or lawn without a leash restricting their movement.

Most iron or aluminum fences keep medium to large-sized dogs as long as they are high enough that dogs cannot jump over it. For your cute little friends, you might get scared if they can get in between the fences because of their tiny frame.

Custom-made iron fences provide maximum security for the family’s furry friends. As long as you specify the right dimensions, iron fences are a powerful method that keeps dogs from running off on their own and prevents dognapers from executing their schemes. 

When installing fences, you need to make several considerations. The nature of your dog’s breed should influence your decision when choosing or customizing an iron fence. With small dogs, the gaps between the ground and the wall should be small enough that they cannot squeeze under it. While larger dogs need fences that are high enough, they cannot jump over it.

Fences for Small Dogs

As mentioned earlier, you need to make sure your fence is installed as not to leave any small gaps large enough for your litter critter to pass through. Take note that of any slopes in your yard and make necessary adjustments whenever necessary. Try installing a solid panel at the bottom part of the fence for extra security.

Fences for Jumping Dogs

Some breeds are particularly good at jumping, and their natural jumping prowess can be a problem if you want them to stay inside the boundaries of your fence. Newfoundland water dogs, collies, poodles, and retrievers are all jumpers. If your dog is a jumper, make your iron fence tall enough that they cannot jump over it.

Essential Details You Need to Know

Iron fences should have a high-quality lock and gate. Both are just as important as fences because they help protect your dogs from unwanted visitors while preventing a confrontation with other neighborhood dogs. If you have an aggressive dog, a securely locked gate helps prevent accidents like lost children entering your property and getting injured by your dog in an episode of frenzy.

What Now?

Iron fences go a long way in helping you make sure your pooch is safe and sound. But, like any other product in the world, fences limitations and don’t guarantee 100 percent security. Make sure somebody supervises your dog during playtime in the yard. Overall, an iron fence is an excellent investment for your dog’s safety and security.

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