Our Guide To 4 Common Designs Of Iron Fences-What To Choose

When it comes to installing a fence, the use of iron material is your best bet. Iron is a versatile element that can be formed into multiple shapes, sizes, and designs. That’s why various designs can be created out of the iron material.

There is a wide range of iron fence options available in the market. However, it can be rather tricky to choose the perfect design that’s suited for your property. In this article, we’ll cover the four iron fence designs for property owners to choose from.

1. Traditional design

If you want a minimalistic look and simplistic functionality for an iron fence, then the traditional design is your perfect choice. An iron fence with a traditional design consists of merely two horizontal bars and several vertical bars. If that’s way too simple, you can add metal finials on top of each vertical bar to spruce up its overall look. The traditional design is an affordable option for an iron fence that suits all kinds of architecture.

2. Metal slat design

There’s a difference between metal slats and regular bars for an iron fence. Typically, regular bars are relatively thin and widely spaced. This type offers beauty and security to any given property, but it doesn’t provide privacy. On the flip side, metal slats are a lot wider, which are usually installed close to one another. For this reason, they create a solid privacy barrier for your iron fence. Also, a metal slat design requires less maintenance, and its durability makes it last for as long as possible.

3. Scrollwork design

As mentioned, the iron material is malleable, which can be designed into various forms, shapes, and patterns. What’s good about iron is that it can be molded into an elegant scrollwork design. As you should know, scrollwork is one of the most popular decorative patterns in ironworking. The scrollwork can tone down the heavy look of the metal and make the fence more artistic. If you want a more aesthetically appealing iron fence, then the scrollwork design is your best bet.

4. Iron panel design

As the name suggests, iron fence panels are made from solid panels of iron. They are similar to metal slat fences, which provide a perfect combination of privacy and security. Also, they look bare and minimalistic, which suits well with modern and contemporary architecture. The major drawback of the iron panel design is that it isn’t that customizable as an iron fence as compared to other iron fence designs. However, this can be your best option if you want absolute privacy and security.

Final words

An iron fence has been in existence for centuries now and has remained popular up to these days. If you are clueless on what exactly to choose from, consider one of the four iron fence designs outlined above—traditional design, metal slat design, elegant scrollwork design, and iron fence panels. All these design types can make a difference in the overall look and functionality of your iron fence.

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