VOIP services Edmonton

VOIP services Edmonton

Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows a phone call connection via the Internet. People using VoIP phone services enjoy many more capabilities than using a regular phone, which means businesses are better off tossing the old office phone for VoIP. Top IT consultants have expanded more details on VoIP services in Edmonton, so keep reading down below.

Everything about VoIP services

Voice Over Internet Protocol uses an IP address to allow communication via Internet-connected devices. VoIP is not new tech, but it is still integrating into offices as more people realize its economic and operational benefits. The process of establishing calls uses routing for incoming and outgoing calls, which means you can eliminate many of the subsets and resources that go into setting up a traditional phone connection.

Benefits of VoIP services

  • Reduced prices – Many businesses and consumers realize up to 60% of benefits when they convert to Internet calls.
  • Better sound – Internet calls are better because the voice is not silenced within fuzzy wires and devices.
  • Advanced and flexible features- Internet calls are better because they do not have all the rigidity of end-to-end connections. They also have better phone call recording options, business phone call plans, and auto-attendant services.
  • Unlimited calls – Making a phone call with the regular phone call plan is too expensive, and most people prefer Internet phones that allow them to make a call to distant locations without limitations on the minutes.

Traits of our VoIP services

A valuable VoIP service provider will handle everything on your behalf and provide additional support so you can continue using the service smoothly. 

Strong diagnostics

The best one thinks about everything that will support your business, such as your daily phone call needs, as well as what you will need in the next couple of years. The best software companies in Edmonton do this by evaluating the total volume of calls in a specific duration, valuating the staffing and resources available, and determining what kind of functionality will improve your calling services.

The results will let us know whether you need scalability, video conferencing, and new features to support better phone calls and Edmonton IT solutions.

Most relevant VoIP features


The auto-attendant is the robot voice that receives your calls and informs you to press a specific number to proceed to the following menu.

Mobile apps

An Internet phone call service is better when you can access it via your mobile device because you get a more mobile service to exchange calls and messages even when you are out of the office.

Unified communications

Our IT company in Edmonton has VoIP services that include unified communications that allow the staff to talk despite distant locations. These kinds of calls allow staff to connect fast and complete tasks with the support of instant messages, video chats, conference calls, and team chats. Plus, all these chats and calls happen within secure networks, so you can share as much information as necessary without losing your company’s integrity and safety.

Our job is to customize all your Internet calls so you can get the kind of service that improves your business. Contact us at 1.800.392.0692 to book a personalized consultation on Edmonton IT services.

VOIP services Edmonton

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