Wrought Iron Gates

Maintaining An Iron Gate With Three Useful Tools-Our Guide

Iron gates give a home a very powerful aura. If you take a drive down the residential areas of high-end neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, you will see a variety of styles that range from a solid gate to a see-through gate with intricate patterning. These mansions exude the luxurious lifestyle, which is accented by beautifully crafted ironworks.

Ironworks date back thousands of years, as they were designed to be tough to withstand attacks and enhance security measures. There is no doubt, however, that the elements such as snow, rain, salt, and heat will take a toll on the finish of an iron gate. This is why it is important to provide a bit of TLC to prevent rusting and deterioration.

Wrought iron gates are more special kinds of ferrous metal, as they are made of high-quality steel with fewer impurities than traditional materials, thus making them rust-resistant for long periods of time.

Like all aspects of a home, wrought iron gates will need periodic maintenance and inspection, some of which can be done by yourself. These measures will allow your iron finishes to survive for years, so here are three tools you can use to care for your gate or balcony railings.

Wire Brushes and Scrapers

 When your gate starts showing signs of rusting or flaking, using a wire brush will help scrub off the rust before more forms. Steel bristled brushes are proven to work against corrosion, which is why you would want to own one. Additionally, an electric drill can be purchased along with an attachment for a wire-wheel that will expedite the process of sanding, scraping, and grinding. Whether you decide to use a manual method or use a drill is up to you, but both works just as well with the former being a more painstaking process.

Brushes for Cleaning Holes

 The intricacy of some wrought iron designs often has holes and areas that are hard to reach, which is why brushes like these will assist the removal of rust and flakes. It would be wise to spray a chemical compound called phosphoric acid to loosen up the rust build-up, which makes it easier to scrape off. Remember to wear a mask when conducting scraping on wrought iron surfaces, as previous paint jobs may have contained lead, which can be harmful to your health.

Paintbrushes for primer and paints

 After the rust is cleared, you may now start priming for repainting. A thick, generous coat of oil-based metal primer will act as the primary shield against rust and deterioration. Ensure that the primer is completely dried up before starting the next step, which is applying an oil-based metal paint. This paint is made to protect ferrous metals from rusting and giving it a brand new look. Be aware that using traditional exterior paint products will be problematic because they do not contain rust-resistant properties that the special metal paints do. Lastly, ensure that you have a supply of paintbrushes ready in the event you will be needing to touch up the gate.


 Wrought iron gates provide a home with a powerful accent, and having an intricate one makes it even nicer to look at. However, anything outdoors is bound to be damaged or worn out over time, which is why regular maintenance needs to be done to protect them.

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