Freight Broker Trainer

Freight Broker Trainer

Shipping requires middleman to operate smoothly. Freight brokers manage agents, shippers, and providers. This profession continues to grow. Ted Keyes Online allows your team of certified professionals to work towards a thriving business with the help of a freight broker trainer.

Demand for Freight Brokers

The third-party logistics industry started to boom after the 1970s. Relaxed regulations created a need for people capable of coordinating shipments to help entrepreneurs. These jobs will grow by 30 percent over the next five years.

There are orders to broker. An increase in online shopping continues to increase shipments beyond just Amazon. Grocery stores, farms, raw goods, and other products compete for an ever-shrinking number of slots on trucks, planes, trains, and ships.

Increase Demand with Freight Broker Training Programs

Growth in demand does not always correlate to an increase in orders for your business. You need to understand the basics of cold-calling, sales, coordination, and the management of agents, shippers, and other brokers.

Whether you are an independent contractor or company, professional training can help your company thrive. Increase orders by as many as twenty per month through capable freight broker training programs.

Is training worth the cost?

The average training course costs thousands of dollars. You need a course that is worth the expense. The top freight broker training programs impart business and logistics skills.

 Trained employees perform better. Ted Keyes Online gives your staff knowledge gained from over 12 years of experience in the industry.

Incorporate Real World Experience

The best training is a blend of real-world experience and knowledge in each discipline. Mixing practice with study builds broker to help them perform their best. Learn technologies, tips, and tricks to handle tough situations.

A certified freight broker with the power to perform is invaluable. The right employees can help a brokerage gain a large amount of business.


Mentorship is the best form of one-on-one training. Guidance from skilled staff delivered remotely gives your employees the corrective feedback they need to thrive.

Ted Keyes Online offers mentorship for teams of up to ten. Our professionals walk your staff through a series of real-world processes backed by in-depth training material.

Can training lead to certification?

Training is a key building block to certification. Training courses bring you one step closer to a certification from the Federal Motor Carrier Association.

Even if you are not a brokerage, an aspiring agent can learn to work their way up the chain to become a broker with the help of knowledgeable professionals. Ted Keyes Online serves teams of any size.

Top Freight Agent and Broker Training

An online freight broker trainer gives you the power to succeed with training in the core areas required for a broker to succeed. You are a business but also provide a vital service managing the movement of goods from the warehouse to the customer’s door.

Increase business with the right knowledge and skills. Contact Ted Keyes Online at 626-309-9141 or visit our website for specialized one-on-one training for teams of up to ten employees.

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