Environmental Monitoring System

Environmental Monitoring System

Technology gives us a glim of hope when fighting rising environmental concerns. Innovators constantly create new tools and systems to mitigate server room changes by observing, analyzing, and making necessary changes. Our business is about pushing a positive agenda for server room monitoring by introducing surveillance, predictive and resilient systems to analyze dynamic environmental issues and eventually minimize the harmful effects of disregarding the environment. We have explained everything there is to know about environmental monitoring below, so you know how best to analyze and choose the right products.

FAQs about our environmental monitoring products

What is environmental monitoring?

Monitoring the environment involves detailing specific elements so we can monitor, strategize and propose better environmental systems. Our team includes a couple of different tools and systems so that you can generate a comprehensive report on environmental monitoring, such as the sensors.

Everything about environmental monitoring sensors

These sensors monitor the chemical, biological and physical elements of the server environment. The main advantage of using our sensors is that they have modern capabilities and collect massive amounts of data. You can also store the values in cloud systems and share them across multiple users and devices to allow more people on the server room temperature monitoring.

Most common environmental monitoring types


These detect and report real-time air pollution to detect and predict a combination of air elements such as smoke or change in the airflow voltage.


The sensors monitor differences in the system’s power, which is critical in ensuring the health of the server hardware.


The sensors monitor water levels in the space by checking for humidity and water spots around the area.

What are the essential features of the environmental monitoring system?

Most solutions have advanced and capable features to measure all different parameters, allow deep analysis and protect the data against loss or corruption. This could mean that the systems will have a multi-tiered security system, advanced analysis tools, report generation features, and a whole range of data collection integrations to sense all the different environmental elements.

Why should you choose Enviromon sensors?

Remote control

The most basic requirement for these sensors is to control their sensing habits from a distance, especially when you want to prevent data loss or avoid negative impacts such as changes that will compromise the products in a food or health store.

Push notification

The ideal system will allow you to intervene during emergencies or alert you when there is a sudden severity in the scene, such as a warning against an impending earthquake or storm.

Enhanced security tools

The environmental monitoring system should have stellar security features to prevent unauthorized access. We understand the importance of exclusive access and set up the tools and systems so only you can get notifications on temperature changes, humidity differences, or water intrusion, among other factors.

Enviromon has numerous types of server monitoring solutions, depending on the elements, size, and sensitivity. We want to introduce you to a more flexible monitoring system and the proper customer support to set up, use and maintain. Contact sales to explore environmental products and temperature monitoring devices.


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Environmental Monitoring System

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