Copy Machine Leasing Nyc

Copy Machine Leasing Nyc

Legend Business Group provides the right machinery for you to reduce the performance cost while maximizing the copier’s functionality. The essence of a copier-leasing firm rotates around the actual leasing transaction. The real renting business involves more than one business body. Here is a list of people involved in a leasing transaction:

  • Client – This is also known as the lessee, and is the most critical person in the deal. There is not deal with the exclusion of a lessee.
  • Dealer – The title belongs to the company offering the lease.
  • Leasing partner – This party is more like a third party because they do not directly handle the product. A lease partner will finance the deal and offer promotions and discounts.
  • Manufacturer – The brand of the machine belongs to this group of people. Talk to Business Legend to discover which brands are available for purchase or rent.

Copy machine leasing in NYC will involve all the players, as mentioned above. Some will have a direct impact on the deal, while others will only contribute to the providence of the machine. No matter the role of the party, it is vital to go work jointly with the dealer for a clearer understanding of the expected process.

Questions to ask the dealer before leasing a copy machine

What will I gain from leasing?

Legend Business takes an in-depth analytical look into the prospects of the lease. We use your current bills to create a vision for your copy machine business. We also evaluate the specifications of other equipment to understand how the leased machine will integrate into the network. The leasing process is straightforward and pain-free; hence, you have a guarantee of reduced stress and affordable packages.

Will you include the service agreement in the lease?

A copy machine easing in NYC will require regular maintenance. You should know whether the dealer will provide these services as part of the lease agreement or separate entities. Other significant fees include the following:

  • UCC filing fees
  • Delivery and setup
  • Network connectivity
  • Surcharges of fuel
  • Charges of calibrating the color and the system overhaul

Who holds the warranty?

The party that holds the warranty will dictate the process of handling the machine upon its failure. Typically, the warranty will be available through the dealer or the manufacturer. The warranty should dictate what happens when the equipment needs replacement or experiences failure. It is essential to define who will cater to the labor costs when the machine undergoes repair and servicing.

What happens to the hard drive at the end of the lease?

Every copier machine will have a hard drive. You have to know who will handle the drive that will be containing the firm’s data. The dealer should inform you of the process of retrieving and obtaining the used hard drive. This question is of utmost importance because it holds the procedure with which your company will retain its privacy and security.

What is the process of insurance?

The particular company should inform if they have an existing insurance policy. Others will require that you partake in external insurance coverage.

Copy Machine Leasing Nyc

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Copy Machine Leasing Nyc

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