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A Homeowner’s Guide To The 3 Common Types Of Wrought Iron Gates

Once perceived as a luxury that only royalty, billionaires, and wealthy families could afford, wrought-iron gates have now become an option widely available to those who are looking for a home upgrade that seamlessly combines form and function.

What Makes Wrought-Iron Gates so Special?

Thanks to the fact that they are produced via a process that involves machine forging and wrought, wrought-iron gates possess an unrivaled level of sturdiness and durability. With the use of modern production processes, wrought-iron gates are now widely available at approachable price points that have made them widely available for most, if not all types of properties.

Nowadays, modern wrought-iron gates are designed and built to be as durable as they are beautiful— especially when they are complemented by an aptly-styled gate. As easy as it may be to see that wrought-iron gates are well-worth investing in, however, choosing the right kind of style to outfit your home and its installed fences is a completely different story.

Fortunately, picking the right kind of wrought-iron gate to complement your home’s numerous design elements (mainly its fencing) can be done once you have knowledge of the various options to choose from!

If you’ve been meaning to outfit your home with a breathtakingly beautiful wrought-iron gate, here are a few different options worth considering:

Straight-top wrought-iron gates

Often regarded as the most minimalistic of the bunch, straight-top wrought-iron gates are perfect for homes that employ simpler styling elements throughout their facade, making it an optimal choice for both modern and contemporary homes.

Best recognized by the presence of a straightened top, this type of wrought-iron gate uses a simple approach when it comes to its ornamental elements and overall appearance. Generally speaking, the ironwork that is used in straight-top wrought-iron gates features geometric or circular grid patterns.

In terms of safety, straight-top wrought iron gates are paired with pointed finials in place of slippery arcs that help deter climbing.

Arched top wrought-iron gates

As opposed to its straight-top counterpart, arched top wrought-iron gates follow a much more Victorian, Georgian, and Neo-Classical appeal that is akin to the architecture and stylings of buildings in both ancient Greece and Rome.

The arched top of this type of wrought-iron gate can vary depending on the preferences of the homeowner that needs it. Ranging from gentle arcs that span across a double gate to semi-circles that encompass the entire length of a garden gate’s top, arched top wrought-iron gates come in a variety of options that suit all sorts of aesthetics.

As opposed to their straight-top counterparts, arched-top wrought-iron gates don’t require the incorporation of a pointed finial for safety purposes because the curve of their arc helps efficiently deter climbing.

Ornamental wrought-iron gates

If you’re searching for a type of wrought-iron gate that is completely unique to your own home and personal tastes, then an ornamental wrought-iron gate is the option for you.

Making an ornamental wrought-iron gate truly unique to your own home entails choosing which flourishes, curls, arcs, and representative ornaments (such as birds or crests) best suit your preferences. Aside from the main design elements, however, you can also customize the finish of an ornamental wrought-iron gate to make it unique all while helping to match it to the style and color scheme of your home.


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