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4 Considerations When Choosing the Height of Your Iron Gate

One of the things that can make or break the front appearance of a home is how the gate accents it. How high an iron gate is, for example, can express certain things about its owners as well as enhance the facade of their home. While it largely depends on preference, there are still other things you could consider when it comes to the height of your gate.

In this article, we are going to talk about the heights you can choose from your gates based on these considerations.

The first consideration: local codes and requirements

The first thing you should make sure of is your local government’s limitations on the height of iron gates and fences. Some cities only allow gates that are a maximum of 183 cm. Make sure you don’t violate any local codes before construction. Otherwise, you might have to spend money to have structures torn down and rebuilt to legal specifications. 

Some homeowners’ associations also have restrictions when it comes to the types of gates and fences a property is allowed to have. You might have to match the other houses on the street or in the neighborhood or risk paying unexpected fines. 

The height of your vehicle and your home should also be considered

Unless your vehicle is obscenely tall for some reason, it always looks mismatched when a household’s vehicle is taller than its gate. SUVs, which are some of the most common vehicles, have an average height of 173 cm. As such, it might be best to go with a gate that rises higher than that. 

The height of your home is also another thing to consider, as it must jive and feel balanced with your gate. A tall gate, for example, would not fit a ranch or bungalow-style home, whereas a short gate would be dwarfed by any home two floors and taller. 

Pre-existing columns and walls could be useful 

Make sure that the height of your chosen iron gate fits and complements the height of any columns and walls surrounding it. A little variation is fine, but if the scale in sizes is too great, it might look a little out-of-place. 

The level of privacy you want is also important

The purpose of most gates is to keep intruders out, but it can also serve a second purpose: privacy. Depending on how much privacy you would like to have, you can choose gate and fence designs that are visually obstructive to varying degrees. 

This can also be used to regulate the ambient temperature of the area, depending on the size of your yard and home. 


When choosing any permanent or long-term fixture for your home, such as gates and fences, it is important to have a list of considerations before you do. With gates, it boils down to whether or not the height of your gate is cohesive with the rest of your property, and if it protects your home from both intruders and prying eyes. That being said, there are nearly limitless options available out there for whatever needs you might have.

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