Shopify fulfillment

Shopify fulfillment

Shopify fulfillment

Shopify is an excellent opportunity for the entrepreneur to launch their business online. Shopify provides an e-commerce platform for online retail and businesses. You can register and add your products for customers to buy. But how your products reach your customers is another science of supply chain.

Shopify Fulfilment- Pick Up Your Products

Shopify fulfillment is the process of picking up your products placed on the Shopify store, packing it, and delivering it to the customers. Fulfillment services are given by a third-party company that provides warehousing, packaging, and shipping at a particular cost. Most 3PL companies charge you on an hourly basis or per unit. Costs add up as you include more services such as packaging, branding, and processing returns.

How you can use it on Shopify is simple. You add a fulfillment service of your choice to your Shopify account, and every time a customer buys a product, an email goes to your fulfillment service provider so that they can get the order fulfilled.

Several companies provide 3PL services, and each one works differently. So, the one you choose for your business should be based on the following criterion.


Choose a company that has experience in dealing with products similar to yours. Such a company will be ready to process your sales without any trouble. They will also be able to guide you better based on their experience with similar products and clients.


The quality of the service should be your primary concern as this will affect your sales. Although there are many low-cost 3PL companies, you will find that there could be some lagging in the quality of their service. Money is an essential factor, but to keep in mind your long-term business goals, you should consider other factors before choosing a company.


The company you choose should be tech-savvy. It means they can deal with fast-paced business accurately as well as sales fluctuation by adapting quickly. Another quality to look for in a fulfillment service is that they provide analytics such as inventory levels and predict product demand based on real-time data analysis.

Branding and Packaging

A good company is one that works with you to provide your customers with the best product in the best manner. Companies work separately when it comes to custom packaging and branding. So the kind of packaging you want for products should also be a factor when choosing a 3PL service.

WSA Distributing

WSA Distributing is a leading 3PL company that provides order fulfillment services on Shopify and many other e-commerce platforms. To get your orders processed quickly and correctly, we have automated most of our processes. We offer secure warehousing while allowing you to have constant access to our ERP system, so you know all the crucial data such as inventory levels. We also provide you the option for custom packaging and discuss with you the practicality of your ideas. WSA Distributing has its central warehouse in San Diego, California, and we ship across North America.

Shopify fulfillment

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