A Home Owner’s Guide to Using Iron Lighting & Furnishings-What to Know

As some of the most predominant fixtures and materials in the lighting industry, the iron lighting and iron-inspired lighting fixtures have a rich history behind them.

 Aside from being an interior design staple that has given millions of homes around the world some much-needed character in their rooms and facades, iron lighting and furnishings are also significant that as they work to enhance any design. If you want to appreciate the widely-available lighting and fixture option better and its ability to transform any home, let’s look at the history of iron lighting and furnishings and how you can style them best. 

How iron lighting and furnishings came to be

Before it assumed its significant role in the home furnishing and lighting industry, iron was used for many purposes throughout human history. From swords, carriages, and train tracks to cutlery and cauldrons, iron was hailed as a dependable material in almost every application that called for its extensive use.

 Given the fact that it was a key material in China, India, and Africa, and most of Asia—all of which were major manufacturing countries—it was expected that iron would then be used for home decor purposes sooner or later. With its continuous application in ornamental design, iron soon became a subject of focus in the home decoration and furnishing industries.

 Thanks to the inherent properties of iron, its malleability, workability, and availability soon saw it being used in lighting fixtures and furnishings as soon as manufacturers and craftsmen veered away from wood and stone materials. That is when iron lighting and furnishings came to be. 

 In today’s highly-competitive design and home furnishing industries, iron continues to hold its place as one of the most sought-after materials on the market as manufacturers continue to improve their products. With new pieces of technology and refined manufacturing practices, the iron lighting and furnishing products of today are more durable, attractive, and cost-friendly.

 Design applications for iron lighting and furnishings

With iron-style designs, lighting options, and furnishings becoming even more versatile in terms of design and usage, it can be easy to become confused as to how any homeowner could possibly use them in the best way. If you’re new to the idea of using iron lighting and furnishings, however, we’ve prepared a few tips that you can use for every possible application:

 Indoor Lighting

By applying or accentuating even the smallest of details with iron lighting fixtures, you can bring the best out of your indoor spaces without doing anything drastic or costly to see a significant change.

 When it comes to indoor lighting, the best way to transform your spaces is to use an iron chandelier or overhead light fixture that best matches the styling cues of your indoor spaces. In terms of color, it would be best to work with a manufacturer (such as Artmex Inc.) that has a wide range of finishes that can be paired with amber or frosted glass shades and detailed patterns for a finish that’s easy on the eyes.

 Outdoor lighting

The approach that best suits iron fixtures and lighting options for the outdoors can be found with the use of artistic pieces that act as both a center of attention and complement to the other elements in the space itself. In most exterior design cases, iron lighting fixtures work best when placed beside driveways, along outdoor paths, and sidewalks to create a warm, inviting feel that lets you and your guests feel welcomed.

 Final words

When properly applied, iron lighting and furnishings can be used to make a dramatic difference in the overall look and feel of your home in its interior and exterior facets. If you’re in the Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara, CA areas and need artistic iron lighting and furnishings to give your home a much-needed makeover inside and out, look no further because Artmex Inc. is happy to help!

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